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Each LaserTag system plays very differently from others.  This can even depend upon the game format being played within a single system.   Each system has specific skills, play styles, quirks and rules which makes it unique.

Some systems share common heritage, while other systems are totally unique.  Skills developed on one system often translate between systems, but sometimes they do not.  How well can players adapt is a key skill used in Armageddon tournaments.

This section (which is currently being worked on) is designed to explain what each system is, the game format used at Armageddon, and the rules.

UK Armageddon was created to celebrate these differences and to provide a challenge to any player who has taken part in single system tournaments to expand their horizons and see the skills developed on other systems.

General Rules

Each system has rules that are generic across all systems.  These are enforced within UK Armageddon, with system specific rules taking priority in most cases of a conflict.

  • No Physical Contact
  • No Tampering with Equipment - This includes any form of use of equipment in a way that it was not intended for.
  • Respect the game marshals - Obey the venue staff and anyone sent in to enforce rules

Some rules exist within UK Armageddon that must be followed at all times.  The following if breached will result in ejection from the tournament without refund, exclusion from use of tournament booked facilities such as hotels or transport.  In addition any additional cost such as repair bills must be covered.
  • Do not damage, break or tamper with tournament booked venues or equipment such as hotel rooms, lasertag arenas or transportation.
  • Do not smoke in a no smoking rooms / area
  • Respect staff at all venues and obey their instruction
  • No physical or verbal abuse directed at any other player, tournament official or member of staff at the venues
  • No tampering with the lasertag equipment to gain an advantage.  This includes the use of remote controls, unplugging cables, or tampering with the vests / arena.